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Published: 25th July 2012
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Buddha Tears Tea

Jasmine Dragon pearl (also known as "Buddha Tears") is a green tea with few peers. It is quite a tedious process to make Buddha Tears Tea. The very essence of Buddha Tears Tea is the fragrance of Jasmine. A whole lot of the young tea leaves are plucked and then hand-rolled and mixed with jasmine petals making it the queen of jasmine-infused teas. This tea is often classified as white teas as if you look open the unopened pearls, you will be able to see traces of the fine downy covering. They are found only on the youngest tea leaves buds or so called unopened pearls! Strictly speaking, Jasmine Dragon Pearl is the regal plucking (the bud and top most leaves are plucked together) so it's a white and green tea. When in conjunction, the pearls open to reveal entire, long, needle type leaves and jasmine petals. As such this tea requires no straining, just gently pour. Drinking this tea is a inspiring occurrence for the connoisseur.

Why buy white tea?

White tea has many benefits. Its slimming properties are beyond comparison. White tea offers the least amount of caffeine. It’s a great source of antioxidant activity compared to its green and black counterparts. Since there's no heating or oxidizing involved in its preparation, white tea is also recognized as the least processed tea assortment.

The health benefits of white tea (Buddha Tears Tea)

There are various health benefits of consuming white tea. Some of them include –

A)Obesity Control – many researches show anti-obesity effects in a series of experiments on human fat cells. It results in fat to break down and subsequently prompted fat to reduce in existing fat cells. What's more, white tea seemed to decrease the face of genes vital to the growth of original fat cells.

B)Cancer Prevention – DNA mutations are gradually hindered by consuming white tea.

C)Skin Treatment – White tea is considered to be good for skin. It helps those staying in topical regions in the treatment of harmful ultra-violet rays.

Buy wu long tea

Oolong (Wu-Long/ Wulong/ Black Dragon tea) is the name of a tea class. In Asia, wu long tea is often drunk after meal to help digestion and relieving bloated ness. Wu long is also drunk by many seeking better body shape and skin. The Guang Dong and Fujian region in Taiwan and China are great producers of wu long teas in Asia. Wu long is partially fermented; it has large leaves which are highly recommended to brew with zisha teapots or what is called a cup holder infuser which has lots of room for the leaves to expand. Most wu long taste the best in its second and third infusions when it is slightly cooled to room.

A tea ball

A tea ball or an infuser is usually called a tea egg where loose tea leaves are placed for infusing, mostly in a tea cup. A tea infuser is quite similar to the method of preparing tea through tea bags. The infuser is usually a minute net or perforated metal urn or covered spoon that holds tea leaves, in changeable sizes to vertical, single or multiple servings at once. Common shapes for infusers include sphere-shaped, pointed and cylindrical. One style of infuser is a split globe with tong-like handles to open its mesh container.

Loose leaf tea

There are various ways of buying loose tea leaves. So are the varieties of tea leaves. A strong recommendation would be to go for herbal teas!
Buddha tears tea give you taste which is close to nature, while tea balls are a processed version of such tea. buy white tea has a unique appearance to its leaves. But a person needs to taste the tea to get insight into qualities of this great tea.

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